01 April, 2005

#2 Heart-Stopping Moment

The worst, heart-stopping moment of our camping trip was when our youngest son fell into the campfire.

The second worst was watching our oldest son slide a-la "Legolas-on-the stairs-at-Helms-Deep" down the large hillside. He was climbing with his buddy, Brian, while we and Brian's parents looked on from our canoes. I happened to turn and look at the boys, just as "AnselAdams" came sailing down the steep, tree-covered slope, flipping toward the end. He landed in such a way that a small stick poked him in his nostril. After a good dusting-off, he was basically fine, nothing broken. Yes, boys are adventurers and explorers!

Here are the boys a little later, relaxing with their camp guitars. Ds "Ansel" is on the right.

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