31 March, 2005

*Terri Schiavo*

Aol news flash had the absolute poor taste of carrying this AP story about the military trial of a U.S. Captain after Terri died, instead of Terri's story. Yeah, I'm sure they just didn't get the press release, yet. Riiiiggghhhtttt.

This IS war…on multiple fronts. It is a spiritual battle, a battle of worldviews, and a battle against deception.

In the past two weeks, I have not written about Terri Schiavo, as so many people have done an eloquent job of informing the public of the facts that weren’t being shared in the msm. I realize that by not commenting at all, I could be seen as being absorbed in my own world. Though quiet here on the web, I have not been ignoring the travesty of the situation, but have been praying.

I am now officially, over-the-top upset at the multiple ironies and double standards of the “justifications by certain powers that be” of pulling the feeding tube from Terri Schiavo.

Let me back up just a step. I have been in the process of switching ISP’s, but still have access to AOL. On yahoo I just noticed (around 10:00 a.m. central time on March 31st) that Terri has died. Imagine the ire that swelled out of me when aol’s top stories were: American Idol cast-off, Kobe Bryant and the one that MOST steamed me:

Military Court Convicts U.S. Soldier for Shooting Iraqi
Captain Had Testified Killing Wounded, Unarmed Man Was 'Honorable'

Doctors, just as in the Terri Schiavo case, were consulted regarding their opinions of the Iraqi driver’s health status. Wow, surprise surprise the conclusions they came to about the "health" and viability of the Iraqi Insurgent.

I cannot even write. I think the headlines and the stupid, contadictory, stories and biased conclusions speak for themselves.
Patricia Heaton, TV mom and actress on “Everybody Loves Raymond” had the guts to stand up for Terri’s rights to life…citing the other doctors consulted in her case, believing that she did have the capacity to sense joy and pain on a human level.

The *least* I can do is continue to pray…and stick by my switch away from AOL’s poor-taste, biased news flashes. I may add more later, as I come upon more links. Check out rushlimbaugh.com. If you don't like my conservative stance on this, or my sources, too bad. Get over it. I was a vegetarian, home-birthing hippie at one time, but that doesn't mean I can't also be a conservative...with some libertarian leanings.

p.s. Breakpoint with Chuck Colson just published an article on similar irony, and states it much better than I have.

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