14 March, 2005

Day of Rest

Ah, Rest!

That's what today was for, after a busy weekend. We visited friends all day Friday, went to the funeral on Saturday, after an early morning vocal practice. Saturday afternoon was spent shuttling some of the kiddos to help babysit at a parents' night out at church. Dear Daughter, who is very much a "Lizzie" or an "Emma" is now sick with a cold. Sunday meant singing at two services. We four female vocalists did a neat arrangement, trio style, of the old song "Take it To The Lord in Prayer," while our worship leader played soulfully "Ray Charles" style on the keyboard. Right after second service, I dashed off to my vintage book restoration class, where, as always, I picked up more information and knowledge. I also picked up the latest book I re-backed and re-cased. It is a sentimental copy of an old poetry book from childhood, that is pretty popular in homeschooling circles. I returned home to find that a good, old (okay, not old but long-time) friend from Colorado was about to show up to have dinner and capuccino with us, since he is in town on business all week. While he was visiting, I had to go pick up a couple of the boys, who'd spent their afternoon chatting and playing with friends. I fell fast asleep after reading a bit of my new book, _The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency_, thanks to a friend who brought me a copy of my very own at church yesterday (thank you, Allison :-)!

But today, we did not have to leave the house at all! Most of us worked on handicrafts in the afternoon to sell at the church's "marketplace" sale this weekend. "Emma"-daughter worked on beaded bracelets and quilted coasters, until the sewing machine gave up on her. Ds, Androcles, worked on yarn bracelets, while I cut boards and paper to make hand-bound journals.

Rest is *fine!*

It is back to our regular, busy schedule tomorrow of driving 16 yo "Ansel Adams" to his Worldviews of the Western World class. Errands and park day for the rest of us, while he is there. Although ds, "Audubon," will be staying behind to go to the park with a neighbor friend and work on their fort, ride bikes, draw, play computer; generally all-around, outdoorsy "guy" time.

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