05 March, 2005

Speaking of Motherhood

We had to ground our eldest (Ansel Adams), the 16 yo, last night. Hmmm. I did say motherhood was not easy, right? We only have four dc, ages almost 10 to 16, and there are days that I am just stupified by the lengths to which they will go when arguing! ! Over at "Amy's Humble Musings" you can read (over the next few days) some interviews she has done with moms/dads of many children.

In spite of actually having to be the grown-up, which does indeed have many benefits, I really enjoy being a mom. It is hard to believe that I am a mother of teenagers, now. I can still be silly once in a while, yes? Especially with our Youngest (Androcles). Get out the Nerf dart guns! Quick!

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