29 March, 2005

~ The Lord's Protection ~

The most important, heart-stopping incident of our spring break camping trip was the moment that our little Androcles (as I am fond of calling him) fell face-first into the campfire, which overflowed with white-hot and golden embers of several days’ camping under three or four large logs, fully aflame.

How he came off that pile with not even a singed hair on his head or face, nor any blister on his hand, with which he tried in vain to catch himself, only God and A’s guardian angel know. He had fallen face-first, near the middle of the flames, and his head bounced off of the logs.

I pray that he learned a valuable lesson that night, not that he is invincible and can continue to be a clown, but that the Lord had His hand of protection on him for a reason…a reason that only the Lord is privy to right now.

He *was* horsing around with his older brother. He was not paying careful attention to the slippery rocks at the edge of the fire pit.

I was held still and calm in that moment of shock; a strong sense of "delay" came over me, which prompted me to choose not to lecture him on and on after realizing he was perfectly safe. I withheld extraneous comments, loved on him, and told him that it is a miracle that he had not melted a significant portion of his body in the accident.

I stand amazed, am humbled and grateful.

I sing a song that I sang in church a couple of times when my children were smaller:

I'm Amazed

I'm amazed at all You've done for me,
Who am I, that You'd bless me so?
I stand in awe of all your wondrous deeds,
You've dealt with me so graciously.

Broken by all the times I've failed,
and the days I've hung my head in shame,
Time and again, I'm driven to my knees,
And I've found Your true compassion there for me.

I'm amazed at all You've done for me,
Who am I, that You'd bless me so?
I stand in awe of all Your wondrous deeds,
You've dealt with me...so graciously,

You've dealt with me...so graciously....

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