17 March, 2005

Twice in one week?

Dd and I were out buying beads and paper supplies at our not-so-local crafts store today, and nearly ran out of gas. I was already filling up the tank when I realized that the price of a gallon of gas was a nickel cheaper across the street. All I could do was shrug my shoulders. Then I realized a TV cameraman was headed my way.
That is the second time in less than a week! Golly. At least the other day I was dressed for a funeral, and the newsman was keeping a distance while filming.

I completely dodged the news cameraman today, who was seeking people to interview about high gas prices or the population growth in our area and the need for widening of the streets, and future tollways. I don't know that all the double-income folks moving out our way would be too happy with my one-income, simplicity-seeking opinion. Besides, I really did look rather like a 21st century hippy today with my long hair pulled up into a pony tail, no make-up, hip huggers and slip-on shoes. It was too chilly for Birkenstocks :-), and I'd left my jacket at home. I jumped into the car while filling up with regular and successfully avoided an interview. Hehehhe. Dd said, "Let's go, mom, drive!" She didn't realize that the gas was still pumping. He left just as my tank filled to the top...almost $30 later. Then I came to my senses...What about drilling in Alaska's ANWR? Let's see about bringing more of the oil business back home. Hey, maybe I am a good Republican, after all! Mr. Cameraman? Where are you?

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