05 March, 2005

This 'n That

I've succumed to the respiratory virus little Androcles had all week, so I had extra time last night (when I couldn't sleep) to change a couple of settings on the blog. When I did so, I lost all your comments on previous posts! I backed them up, somewhere in Haloscan, but now can't find them. Hmmm...I may go back and repost some of them, from my mailbox, if I have time.

I will probably miss a jam session tonight, but I hope the rest of my family goes! They are a little shy about jamming freely in front of others, especially when there will be people there they don't know. I basically just sing and harmonize...and play small percussion instruments, such as tambourine and shakers. Hubby, a luthier in his free time, built a large hammered dulcimer for me, but since he combined two plans into one, it did not have enough bracing (for strength) so it began to implode. I will learn hammered dulcimer someday!

I used to play around on our lap dulcimer, and had one or two songs down. I guess I could also play Great-Grandmother's washboard(!) The rest of my family plays guitar (acoustic and electric), mandolin, banjo, ukulele, bass. Adrocles only knows a few chords on each. Ah well. I'm basically just a vocalist, but not tonight :-(.

Ciao for now~

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