05 May, 2005

Another homeschooling bookfair

UPDATE: I'm glad I went to the bookfair. Dd and I met up with Queen Shenaynay and her cousin; picked up some terrific, used, and "OOP" books (from Books Bloom) for AO and for fun. Upon her recommendation (read: she thrust it quickly into my already full arms :-) one of the books I bought is _The Daughter of Time_ by Josephine Tey. I've just barely begun to read it, and remember, I read *slowly.* I also picked up Cornerstone Curriculum's Art Galleries ll and lll, since they are literally almost completely sold out, never to be produced in the same form again. Of course, a visit to the bookfair is NOT complete w/o buying some books at the Lifetime Books & Gifts booth!

Photo: Early copy of Bede's English History
British Library

You know, I am just wondering why I am even thinking about going to our local bookfair tomorrow. We don't have any cash, not until summer...and that is already budgeted for other things. Oldest son has Worldviews Classes again this next schoolyear, but we can purhase the materials through his teacher. Budget aside, we don't really need much for the new year right now. With Ambleside Online and House of Education online (link in the sidebar), much of our shopping woes are taken care of. For those of you wondering why I have a scan of an early copy of Bede's Ecclesiastical History, I love old texts, but this is scheduled in year 7 of the aformentioned curriculum. Selections of it can be found online here: Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation

I go to the bookfair to reconnect with old friends in the homeschooling community, and to take our daughter, who will have some money to spend. She enjoys choosing a few things for free reading during the summer, and for the upcoming school year.

What are some of you planning for the next school year?

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