14 May, 2005

Graduation & Anniversary

We've been cleaning, organizing, and getting ready for hubby's Master's Graduation party, which is on Sunday. It is quick and easy to update Blogger with pictures while we are busy, just in case some of you wonder why I'm not writing much these days ;-). I thank all my visitors, both posters and quiet visitors alike, for taking time to stop by.

Our Twentieth Wedding Anniversary is also coming up this week. I'm not sure what all we're going to sneak in to our Anniversary Week. This has been a special time of turning points over the last two months for our family and extended family members. 2005 will be remembered as a special year, just as 1985 was a special year.

Last year, we shopped and spent hours at a couple of our favorite used bookstores, and ate lots of Greek and Mediterranean food, in honor of our honey moon trip to Greece in '85 (when dh worked for the airlines, so we got a *great* deal on the trip). Eating Greek food on each and every anniversary is a tradition with us, for this reason...and we just love Spinach pie, Hummous, Pita bread, Feta Cheese, and Baklava! When we lived in Belmont, MA (not far from Walden Pond) before we had children, we lived two blocks from a terrific little Greek diner called "Andros Diner." The food was incredible, and low-priced. I miss that place sometimes!

Do any of my readers have special events coming up this month?

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