17 May, 2005

Graduation Narration

Hubby's graduation day was wonderful, and the weather was gorgeous, to top it all off! Family and some friends stayed at our house until 9 p.m. or so. Both of my brothers and their families were there...niece and geat nephew from Killeen (Ft. Hood), her sister, who is just back from 2 1/2 years of missionary internship in Estonia - Eastern Europe. Friends from our old church were also there, and we all had a great time visiting while our kiddos played. My brothers live in nearby towns, but they've both been so busy with life and their families, that they haven't seen each other in forever! I get to see them separately pretty often, but it was better to have their families together in one place for a change.

Lunchtime was spent at Hubby's parents' home with one of his favorite cousins, who has two Masters Degrees (one from SMU and one from Princeton) and is at SMU working on his Doctorate, now.

Hubby's Mom, Dad, and brother were all at graduation Sunday morning, plus some of our friends. The speeches were excellent. The University's emphasis is on a Western Civ. and Humanities education. The Valedictorian was a Physics major. He was funnnnny! He made references to the "Just Man" who is 729 times happier than the Unjust Man (Plato's Republic, and it was assumed that most people would know the reference...Our oldest son did!), to The Aeneid (He said something like, "Let's face it, The Aeneid is really overrated..."). There were also two references to the Ubiquity of the Eliptic, LOL.

Our oldest son took notes on the Valedictorian's speech . That was awesome. I think the graduation was a good experience for HIM to see/hear, since he will be a junior this fall.

Dr. Louise Cowan made reference to Athena and others...Ha!

Some of the Senior Projects were:

The Blueprint For Big Brother: Educating for Control in THE REPUBLIC and Leviathan

Moral Weakness, Virtue and Grace in Plato and St. Augustine

Doctoral Theses were:

Philosophy and Law: An Interpretation of Plato's MINOS

Constancy as the Ground for Pursuing Truth and Beauty in Jane Austen's MANSFIELD PARK

The brass quintet was a nice touch, and after the closing prayer, the bells in the bell tower peeled loudly.

Doesn't that just sound fun? Hubster's Dad was impressed that some schools and Universities are still teaching kids how to think and reason :-). He didn't think schools like that existed anymore.

I said, "That is one of the main reasons that we homeschool."

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