05 July, 2005

My brothers, veterans

The first picture is of the middle brother in my family. He was an Air Force Russian linguist in Germany during the Cold War and Reagan's presidency. His wife and first grandchild are enjoying fireworks in our yard and neighborhood.

The next picture is of my oldest brother, his wifey, and the last two of their five children who are still at home. They already have eight grandkids. He was in the Air Force in the early 70's and was a guard at the hospital for the POW's at the end of the Vietnam War.

You would not believe how much *fun* the "grown boys" were having! Our sons, nephews, and their Uncles enjoyed blowing things up, and trying to melt down the mailbox...a yearly tradition. If anyone would be able to do it, I figured it would be our nephew, a veteran of the war in Iraq. Well, the mailbox has a few more small holes in it than before, but it still stands!

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