06 July, 2005

Scattered to three winds

Summer seems to be like this every year...a variety of summer camps or camping, mission trips and photography trips for us AND our children. Hubby and I sometimes go along (but not at the same time) as chaperones. These next two weeks are no exception. I'm sure many of you have similar activities in the summertime, and so it goes for families with growing, active children. It is my favorite type of homeschooling, where we can learn through travel and hands-on experience, alongside others who can teach us new and exciting skills.

Our oldest son (16.5 yo), AnselAdams, will be going on a solar car race trip from Austin, TX, through the Mohave Desert, all the way to the coast of Southern California. He will be helping with photography, along with dh's school's photography teacher, and he will also be one of the two videographers. This is going to be another excellent opportunity for him, in preparation for a possible future career in photo journalism.

As I mentioned earlier this week, our 12 yo son, JJAudubon, and I will both be going on a back country adventure of (weather permitting) rock climbing, rappelling, whitewater rafting, hiking and camping, plus non-commercial cave exploration! We ran errands tonight to pick up some essential supplies for our upcoming adventures. Just having the right equipment and some clothing (from the bargain racks) with "cool-max technology" gets me all motivated, and lifts my confidence in our ability to accomplish what is before us.

"We don't quit hiking because we grow old. We grow old because we quit hiking."
~Finis Mitchell, Author, Wind River resident, explorer,
trout stocker, Wyoming state congressman

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