09 September, 2006

Finally, The newest Mandolin!

The Dread Pirate Sparsebeard has another hobby, besides chile peppers. He plays the guitar and mandolin, and enjoys woodworking. He cuts, planes, sands, glues, bends, files, fashions, trims beautiful scrap wood, cuts inlay, and makes homemade instruments in his spare time. This is his newest finished project. He played it at the nursing home with his ChileMen buddies. Their band is called "Podnas," like 'Partners,' but with the play on green chiles and jalapeƱo peppers using the word "pod" in part of their name.

The mandolin, his fifth one to be exact, is made of Bois d'arc wood back and neck, Spruce top and a Mesquite wood fingerboard. The fret markers and headstock inlay are cut from the bones of an alligator that expired in Hurricane Rita last year near Galveston. The shooting star inlay piece on the headstock is out of ebony. (click to enlarge for better detail).

It has a lovely, rich sound that just resonates through the room!