01 September, 2006

Hatch Chile Time Again

It's that time of year when Chileheads (like the Dread Pirate Sparsebeard and his buddies) make their way to that "Woodstock for Chileheads," the Hatch Chile Festival. I may post pictures as I find them from our photo files...

Stay tuned!

Just so those of you who aren't sure know: Chile (pictured above in the not-so-clear photo) is a vegetable, and is not to be confused with the dish, chili. Or the country Chile. There is a big difference!! check it out through google under green chile. Learn something new!

also this: From Wikipedia.com:

Chiles: Peppers of the capsicum species. New Mexico chile is a local cultivar of the species or subspecies otherwise represented as jalapeños, Anaheim peppers and many other varieties [READ: Big Jim, Sandia, and Barker]. The large, flavorful New Mexican variety gives the region's cuisine much of its distinctive style. Green chiles are those that are picked unripe; they are fire-roasted, then peeled before further use. Unlike the ultra-mild canned supermarket green chiles, New Mexico green chiles can range from mild to (occasionally) hotter than jalapeños, and come in grades of spiciness at markets that cater to chile afficionados. Red chiles are the ripe form of the same plant (though particular strains are bred for intended use as red or green chile). Generally more piquant than green chiles, they too can be roasted, but are usually dried; they can be added whole, to spice an entire stew, or more often are ground into powder or sometimes flakes. Freshly dried red chiles are sold in string-bound bundles called ristras..."

Aren't you glad you asked.

"Chile, chile burning bright, like a fire in the night..." apologies to Wm. Blake ;-)


Anonymous said...

isn't a chili spelt CHILI and not CHILE as in the country... Unless I went to a food last year as a foreign exchange student

Javamom said...

Oh, no, no, no. Chile is a vegetable, but not the dish, chili. There is a big difference!! check it out through google under green chile.