24 September, 2006

Chores in Spanish

We had a very busy week, and a nice, relaxing weekend. I am fighting fall allergies, though, so I'm a little extra tired. I did make time to plan some Spanish lessons, in between church, symphony, and weekend movies.

Vamos a limpiar... - We're going to clean...
We will be making chore charts en Español, both at home and in my Jr. High homeschool co-op class. Es muy práctico, ¿no?

Here are some of the chores we will be using:

cortar el césped - to cut the grass
limpiar el cuarto - to clean the room
lavar la ropa - to wash the clothes
lavar el carro - to wash the car
hacer la cama - to make the bed
lavar los platos - to wash the dishes
secar los platos - to dry the dishes
lavar al perro - to wash the dog
planchar la ropa - to iron the clothing
pasar la aspiradora - to vacuum
pasar un trapo - to dust
preparar la cena - to prepare dinner
poner la mesa - to set the table
sacar al perro - to take out the dog
caminar con perro - to walk the dog

Sounds like a productive project, eh? The kids are making their own charts and doing their own work.

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Angela L. said...


I came across your blog while looking up the lyrics to the song 'Holy Lamb of God'. I believe you sang the song at church last Christmas, and posted the lyrics on here. I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me the song's composer or at least the name of the artist who recorded the song. I've been having a lot of difficulty finding the guitar chords or piano music to go along with the song. I'll look for your answer on your blog in the next day or so, thanks!

Angela L.