07 October, 2006

Long time no update

As you can see, I've not been able to update in a couple of weeks, so my blog has become very boring! We are about to have a brief fall break, from our hs co-op. The homework and grading continues through this week, but we won't have classes this coming Friday.

I will, however, be covering my hubby's afterschool program at school...so I'll actually be busier than usual. I am going to be one tired chickadee next week, from the driving, as well as from the work.

Oldest son finished his Starbucks training and started his "real" work this past week. He loves it. Now I pray that he can juggle his responsibilities well, and keep up with his schoolwork with a good, humble attitude.

We saw a huge flock of butterflies clustered in the trees around sunset, during their regular, Autumn migration south, and even went back to the park another time this week to take friends to see them.

My parents will be in town next weekend, and we get to celbrate my Dad's 70th birthday (which is actually in November) with some of my brothers and their families while Mom and Dad are here.

I won free tickets to see Manhattan Transfer, now I'm wondering if it's going to work out for me to go and take one of my kids or friends with me, since Hubby cannot go on concert night.

So, my to do list looks like this this week:


~ Sing (Gals trio) for worship team this week
~ Run the afterschool program
~ follow up from parents of high school seniors meeting: make a phone call or two in planning for a couple of the activities for seniors (of which our son is one) in our co-op this year.
~ Edit and type up an old outline for new homeschoolers
~ Finish preparing speech to go along with above outline to be given on Oct. 18th
~ Send out quiz to my Spanish 1 class
~ grade Spanish 1 homework on Wednesday/Thursday
~ de junk a little in each room this week (15-30 minutes each day)
~ read for bookclub
~ shop, cook, clean-up and laundry as usual
~ celebrate a birthday

Things for which I am thankful:

~ anytime I get to see a humble spirit exhibited by loved ones, friends, or anyone in leadership
~ My family's efforts at learning to be patient with each other
~ the good friends that our kids have
~ cooler temperatures (well, it is staying in the 80's now, instead of the 90's!)
~ Bluebell icecream with caramel syrup!
~ good coffee
~ guitars and music
~ a van that runs well
~ grocery money :-)

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