12 October, 2006

Alphabet Meme

From my blog friend, Carol

The new assignment is to use every letter of the alphabet to describe something important or descriptive of my personality. Only use one word per letter.

A = auditory processor :-)
B = bookbinder
C = Charlotte Mason conversationalist (that's a 2-fer :-)
D = decorator
E = extroverted (but borderline introverted)
F = family
G = guarded
H = helpful
I = inquisitive
J = journaler
K = Keeper of the Home
L = laid back
M = mountain and other music appreciator
N = natural night owl
O = outdoors
P = philosopher
Q = questioning
R = respectfully reluctant
S = symphony
T = teacher of Spanish :-)
U = understanding
V = visual
W = wonder
X = x-treme sports (sometimes)
Y = yield
Z = zealous

1 comment:

Kilroy_60 said...

This is extraordinary! I saw your blog come up on blogger.com as freshly updated. I was looking through your posts and found this...my creation! How pleased I am. :-) Perhaps you'll stop by to visit me. I'll be interested to see what you think.