11 October, 2006

A most gorgeous sunset

Describing the most beautiful but quick sunset that I've observed in months...

The clouds seemed to brush and swirl about the huge, burnt orange ball still peeping over the horizon. The background canvas was a brilliant light blue-ish teal. A globe of vibrant peachy-pink and subtle lilac hues glowed intensely from the center-most point, just above the now unseen sun...it *really* beamed an amazing light all its own on the horizon. It was the shortest, most brilliant sunset that I've gazed upon in so long. I wish that I'd have had a camera with me at 7:00 p.m. tonight, as I returned home from working with the cute, the interesting, and the busy "afterschool" kids.

I began and I ended my day with both a pink sunrise and a pink sunset, and it will be seared into my memory forever! It's not often that I free myself up (read: get up early enough ~snicker~) for the opportunity to observe both in one day. I tend to cash in on moments like these during camping/hiking trips or other travels.

What was your most lovely sunrise or sunset like? Why did you happend to see it? Was it planned or did it happen quite by accident?


Javamom, encouraging others to Take time to enjoy the sunrise/sunset

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Carol G said...

If you decide to use the ABC's I bet I can guess a few you might use: B = books or bookbinding, A = American Lit. C = classical music or CM. S = Spanish or E = espanol.

Am I right?

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