18 October, 2006

Nephew home soon

I heard from my brother this morning, and my nephew is coming home soon! Prayers for safety for all the troops are appreciated; pray that they arrive home well.

They will be leaving Baghdad in 6 days (unless the Army changes their mind again)! He should be arriving stateside somewhere between next Thursday and Saturday!!!
In other news...remember the base you saw on fire last week on the news?? That was his base and he said the ammo depot was roughly 150 meters from his quaters. One of the explosions blew out his windows and ripped his door in half. He said he was thrown around like a rag doll and was pretty sore the next day. He also said one of the mortars flew about 10 feet over his head and he ran a 4.0 40 to his quarters . But, at least a this point he is doing well.
I just want to thank everyone for your prayers so far and just one more time ask you to continue to do so untill his feet touch American soil!! (hopefully a week from tomorrow!)


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Scary about the fire, but thank goodness he's okay!