31 October, 2006

In bittersweet loss and in joy

Ah, time flies when things get busy...and life is full of surprises and stresses. My family is so very blessed, even amidst the stresses.

I got a call just a couple of hours ago from my sister, who was just visiting me for a long weekend last weekend.

It seems that my Mom's Mother in Oklahoma, who is a three-year-cancer survivor, has fallen this evening and the hospital couldn't wake her up. She had been doing pretty well
this year. But, I just got an update after the hospital ran tests. They say that she has had a massive stroke. She is 91 years old, and has survived a lot, but as soon as my Uncle makes it to the city tomorrow, my Mom and her sisters and brother are going to pull her life support...that should be Wednesday sometime. Pray that her passing is as if she were walking right into the Lord's loving arms. Pray that my Mom, Aunts and Uncle are comforted immediately, even though they've been preparing themselves for this possibility.

Please pray for travelling mercies as we head to the funeral, maybe on Friday, or perhaps on Saturday.

Bittersweet reunions will be the theme of the week, as we celebrate our mother/grandmother's life, and also celebrate the homecoming of my nephew, who is scheduled to be on American soil tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.

The whole family needs prayers for safe travel and comfort; the safety to feel the extremes of emotions that we will be sharing all week of sadness, joy at the storehouse of memories, and celebration of my grandmother's homegoing to be with our Lord, and Greg's homecoming to his wife, two sons, twenty cousins (just on my family's side :-), six nieces and nephews, two aunts (including me!), two uncles and a host of other extended relatives, who will be hugging his neck for his service to our country; thankful to have him home in our arms.

We don't grieve as those as those of this world, Praise be to God.


In Him who is able to do more than we can ask or imagine,


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tootlepip said...

Praying! May the Lord comfort you and your family at this difficult time.