17 February, 2008

Midis/Lyrics of Music from Puerto Rico

Check these out! (Mother Auma, you're going to love this)

In an effort to share and celebrate the music that originated with Puerto Ricans, René Ramos has gathered a host of songs from which to choose.

Haz click aquí: for Midi files and music from Puerto Rican composers. You will even find a section in his pages which contain almost fifty sets of lyrics and midis of children's songs. The web design on the individual children's song lyrics are cute; some are fun (like floating oranges around the cursor).

Can you tell that I've got some free time this week? It is our mid-winter break from our homeschool co-op.




Katie said...

That first link has some good dance tunes!

I think I will need your help figuring out where the syllables land on the second website. I clicked over to "Cocqui" (sp?) which I have heard before, and I still couldn't follow the tune and the words simultaneously!

Katie said...

Oops. I also meant to say thank you for finding and posting this!