16 February, 2008

Reading a-z

I found quality online Spanish readers tonight, but most are not free. Samples are available, and there are over 2500 mini-books available at this site.

At Reading a - z you'll find a lot of resources for guided reading, progressively more difficult readers, phonics, vocabulary, (and printable flash cards) but also poetry and other language resources. You can download up to 30 printable mini-books or short stories for free, only two of which are in Spanish, two are in French.

I am tempted to register for a year, upon closer inspection of all the other offerings of mini-books and readers in Spanish. One of the free samples is a long biography, so it's nice to be able to print a sample of one of the non-fiction selections.

I like to teach with mini-books, stories, and narratives because they help learners become comfortable with the language structure and proper usage in context, just as our own children do in English.

I'll let you know if I decide to join.


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