04 February, 2008

Nice enough for flag football

One-handed catch!

Did I mention that this son is going to be in "spring training" for the homeschool football team soon? He has been my football game-watching buddy this past football season or two, but is so excited to be able to play on a team of his own soon.

On the day before this touch football game, some other friends who already play on the homeschool team gave him a good workout and taste of what it's going to be like soon. I did not go to that game, so I don't have any pictures. He came home pumped, although a little sore, with a bit more insight into what he needs to do to step up his workout in order to build up his stamina for running longer distances. He has been working out daily with weights and doing some long-distance cycling, but no sustained running until today (grin).

We're loving this weather. I'm sure it will roller coaster to freezing again soon, but we've enjoyed it while it lasted. It will warm up again before the week is out. This is Texas, after all!


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