20 June, 2005

Birthdays & Update on Mom

I am home briefly, for Father's Day, two birthdays (one mine), and for running errands...including a visit to my chiropractor. Since it's my birthday, too, I get a free adjustment and therapies...water massage machine is part of the package. I'd love to have one of those in our home, LOL.

Mom turned out to have four breaks in her right Fibula-one clean through-and two breaks in her ankle. That is why her right foot was sticking out to the right when Dad called me, very overwhelmed, just after he called 911.

We brought Mom home from the hospital last week, on Wednesday afternoon. That was two days later than originally planned. Once she got settled, she was able to adjust, and feel more relaxed. I got up with her a lot that first night, as her pain was intense. Dad helped out, too. The next afternoon, she really turned the corner and was participating more actively in getting up and figuring out how best to move and hop, etc. She couldn't sit up for quite an hour, so she'd hop (with the help of her walker) back to bed and rest here and there. Her muscles became very sore very quickly, where she'd forgotten she had muscles! Massages were on order for the rest of the week ;-).

By Saturday, boredom was beginning to set in. She is sleeping for longer stretches at night, now, and able to stay up longer. She was in the mood to watch a movie for the first time on Sunday. She was also barely able to hop into the kitchen, her longest "exercising" distance, yet, to look at the corn's growth out of her kitchen window. It will be ready in about 18 days! She had hopped too far, and it was a chore to get back to her room, but she was glad to get to see the corn. She'd not had a look at it in nine days, since she fell and broke her leg and ankle in the first place.

I was not able to post from Oklahoma, b/c Dad's ISP kept crashing on me. I'm barely able to answer one or two e-mails per day. I'm taking our daughter with me back to Oklahoma tomorrow to visit Mom and Dad again, and help out with housework and maybe a little gardening.

As for my Birthday, I will be 41. I have some new bookbinding tools coming to me from Scotland, and hubby is building me a standing/finishing press of my very own!!! I am so excited!!

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