24 June, 2005

In Indian Nation Territory

We're still helping out at Mom and Dad's, watering massive amounts of beautiful flowers on their one-and-a-half acres. I got mom out on the front porch day before yesterday. She was "deadheading" some petunias, and having a nice time, even though the mosquitos were snacking on us. Getting her back IN the house was quite funny, though! She did not have enough strength in her knee (not her best knee, even though it's not the knee of her broken leg...) to hop up the step of the door frame/jam. She ended up slowly sitting right down on the step and scooching herself in so we could get the door closed before more mesquitos got in the house. We laughed. She was not in pain, thank goodness! So we laughed!

Yesterday was her first scheduled office visit with her Orthopedist, since her surgery two weeks ago. We were running late, so we called ahead, as we were making the one hour drive into the city, to let the office know. We got the biggest, most ridiculous run-around from incompetent sub-office staff that I've ever experienced in my lifetime. Dad said it was almost as bad as the incomptetency they faced on the day of transporting Mom to two hospitals, threatening not to accept her, sending her x-rays to the wrong hospital, etc. when this all first happened. Dad and I both were shocked, yet assertive with them and let them know how utterly rude they were being. All the rules, red-tape and bad attitudes that tiny town folks have to follow to get somewhere that they can receive proper healthcare is a travesty. I'm forming a letter to send to the big city newspaper soon. My mom is strong, but I thought about all the other older folks who aren't strong or don't have family to stand up for them and their (patient) rights. They are at the mercy of an already socialized (but probably not as bad as Europe, yet) healthcare system...I bet they just get run over, and sent home with their injuries, being told to come back after the weekend if they are still hurting. Oy!!!

I'll stop there...I'm not in the mood to let their bad behavior ruin another beautiful day. After we got Mom settled back in at home, I ran to the local Sonic and bought her a big malt. She had a good cry, then we were able to have a better day.

This is a mural painted by a Native American painter in the area. There are lots of these around these parts. I think they're pretty neat.

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