06 June, 2005


This is the portfolio I made for a book that I'm mending and conserving. It is basically high-grade poster board; buffered, acid free, museum quality. I made the simple case for my copy of Parables from Nature, which was still in its original paper wrappers as it would have come from the printers in London, 1885. The typcial thing to do at that time was to take the book/text in wrappers to one's local bookbinder to be sure it was bound in the same materials as the rest of one's personal library. This text had not been given the treatment of receiving a leather and board cover that it should have been given.

My projects are beginning to stack up just a bit, and I'm receiving inquiries into repair jobs for others, now. This is exciting, as I feel that I'm gaining a bit more skill for some of these tasks. My hope is to be able to bring in a little money to help pay for educational materials and resources in our homeschooling journey, but also to have a viable business as the children become more independent and make their own way in the future.

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