11 June, 2005

My mother in the hospital

When I wrote my post about a week ago about honoring our parents, I really had no idea why I had such a feeling to keep my schedule open to be able to go back to my parents at a moment's notice, if need be.

Yesterday, at least one of the reasons made itself known. My dear mother, age 69 and very healthy, slipped off the back porch step and got a compound fracture of her ankle and fibula in four places. She had major surgery last night, with plates and screws to hold the bones together while they heal, and repairs made to surrounding torn muscles and ligaments. She is in a lot of pain today, as the doctor is trying to adjust to the right pain medicine and dose for her. If infection doesn't set in, she should be able to go home on Monday or Tuesday.

I'll be taking my turn throughout the summer, along with my sister, foster sister, and brothers, to help Mom and Dad out with everything from housekeeping and cooking to gardening and bringing in the corn.

This should be a sweet summer, as we work together and spend time with our parents. I've already had some time today to organize my summer schedule, plan some meals to make and portion out to freeze for Dad to be able to reheat when none of us are there for a day here or there. I have a stack of books I'll take for Mom and the rest of us to share in reading, and I'll take the kids with me some of the times to help with the yardwork, and to play at the local lake near Mom and Dad's with their cousins.

It is also a little sobering, as we look to the future and what it means to help our aging parents more.

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