24 August, 2006

Communing out loud...

Bountiful and Abundant Provision!

Here is God's provision for us at the end of summer :-). We had to replace our indoor A/C unit last month, and had just the right amount of money to be able to do so. However, that made things interesting for the rest of the summer. I am reminded of what God has placed in our hands to use, and see anew just how far we can stretch what we have! Even for our family of six.

These are a little smaller than the prettiest loaves we've baked this week, but I can attest to how delicious they are. My oldest son helped out a bit (by throwing the initial ingredients into the mixer most days), and we made two loaves a day, every day for the past week. We even made our own flour tortillas and refried black beans (from beans we'd soaked and prepared two days earlier).

Charlotte Mason writes in Volume 2, pages 55-56 of Parents and Children: The role of the parent in the education of the child:

"Communing out loud before the Children––Is it possible that the mother could, when alone with her children, occasionally hold this communing out loud, so that the children might grow up in the sense of the presence of God? It would probably be difficult for many mothers to break down the barrier of spiritual reserve in the presence of even their own children. But, could it be done, would it not lead to glad and natural living in the recognised presence of God?

Think of the joy of the mother who should overhear her little child murmuring over the first primrose of the year, 'Dear God, you are too good!' Children are so imitative, that if they hear their parents speak out continually their joys and fears, their thanks and wishes, they, too, will have many things to say."


Mother Auma said...

I like this!

Carol G said...

Nice posts. Very interesting. I like your picture study post best. I like cafes also but usually the kids want fast food. Sigh.


Mother Auma said...

I forgot to mention that I tagged you again, with the Homeschooling meme. :o) I hope you don't mind.

Leslie said...

Great post and great reminder! Your bread looks delicious.

Lori Seaborg said...

We were at this point in January, so I know how you feel! There were some good things about it: I found out that homemade tortillas are great and still make them from scratch. I also found out that my kids will eat smashed beans in a tortilla with cheese. I would never have known that! :)