22 August, 2006

My son asked...

How do you do that?? (He meant color matching and tinting) So I showed him how to choose colors. I'm happy that my 17.5 yo was fascinated with it...and I hope I'm not tiring my readers with my enthusiam for this type of hand craft! We do have other handcrafts that we do in this family! Really! I like to quilt. Fabric color matching is not much different from the color mixing that I do for book restorations. I like scrapbooking & stamping/card making, as well. I do a tiny bit of sewing for curtains or costumes. I like painting and faux finishing walls. Both are a lot of fun, and very rewarding. You GET to get messy, and you also get to be as precise as you want to be (or not).

final photo: tinted, pressed, and ready to give back to its owner!

Hum de dum...

Digression while my photos load:
Hubby is making another guitar with a good friend of his, showing him the steps as they go. This is his third guitar built from scratch and throw-away but quality wood. When his friend is not able to come to the woodshop, Hubby works on his "All Texas" mandolin. It is cut from Bois D'arc wood (it is yellow-orange in color!) and Mesquite wood, with *alligator* bone inlay. Does he have pictures? No. The silly fellow. I asked him nicely, too.

The alligator bones were picked up in the spring, when Hubby took the sophomore class at his school on the regularly scheduled class trip to the Gulf beach for beach cleanup. The poor alligator did not do well during the hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
I'll stop rambling, now!

Expect my next post to share more educational thoughts. Our CM bookclub met again tonight, and we had some very lively and thought inspiring discussion. I just love this group of ladies.

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