14 August, 2006

On the schedule this week

Just to update so as not to seem so daunting (sorry Tootle!! If I'd just returned home from a lovely vacation, I would NOT be ready to have a week like this!)-

Most of these things on the list already have an old idea, outline, or template to follow, so I am not starting from scratch, just updating, deleting, making sure links are updated and still working, change dates on the Spanish syllabus from last year, etc. The new hs curriculum was written with a friend, so we use this time to fellowship, too. It is a recharge!

Hubby is a high school English and Lit teacher, so he wants to see the kids' paperwork, so he can feel like we are on top of their progress. I will make sure I don't need to add something new to our two high schoolers' transcripts, and double check that I put in their grades correctly. Ds just got his official Worldviews class grade recently, even though we already pretty much knew that his average was an A, we weren't sure how it was going to break down among the sections for debate, speech, economics, history, composition, etc.

My book club notes are basically cut and paste from e-texts, and I can define words that need to be delved into more deeply. I love to write and think, and making time for that in my week keeps my aging brain sharp.

My well-check-up was pleasant with a new lady doctor. She has a warm and talkative bedside manner!

I probably won't attend the bookfair (no money till next month) and the kitty cat wants attention twice every day. But that is when I get to relax in a comfy chair, myself!

~ pet the cat, who just claimed my seat in order to get some attention
~ update Spanish class syllabus for hs co-op
~ attend homeschool co-op high school teachers' meeting
~ gather new supplies for my two Jr. High and High School classes
~ decide on lesson plans for first ten weeks, figure out what copies need to be made
~ update intro and lesson one of mentoring curriculum that I co-wrote a couple of years ago for new homeschoolers with the co-author
~ visit the doctor for check-up
~ teach one more bookbinding small class
~ fine-tune kids' personal and homeschooling schedules
~ add to our high schoolers' transcripts
~ assign new chores or refine what the kids' already doing
~ celebrate end of summer with a family ice cream party, family prayer time
~ Read Charlotte Mason volume six, Book 2 chapter 1 "Theory Applied" for CM Book Club
~ type up narration notes on Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, chapters 4-6
~ attend homeschool bookfair?? Make list of last few needs

What are my readers' plans this week?


tootlepip said...

We just got home from vacation. First on my list is to get over this head cold. I will have to think about the rest and post them on my blog. Your list looks daunting.

Spring said...

You're reading Mansfield Park? Excellent!

If you can, though, skip the recent movie because Patricia Rozema really made a mess out of it. Beautifully shot, music was lovely but she twisted some of the characters (notably Sir Thomas) into hideous creatures. It's not kid friendly either which was a shock to me. There're in the process of making a new Northanger Abbey, finally. The last one was a farce and not in a good way. I can't wait for another verion of MP to come out and erase the old one from my memory. Ugh.

If you don't know about it already a wonderful site for anything Jane is:


If you can't find it here then it, quite possibly, doesn't exist. Henry Churchyard has done extraordinary work compiling this.

Pemberley.com is a wealth of information on her novels and the time period in general ( on the Life and Times board). Check their archives first before asking a question as they get really snippy about that. But definitely bookmark this site if it's new to you.

And I'm done pushing Jane now.

Spring (from the HSM2HSM group)