06 August, 2006

Things I wish I'd done

This is a tag started by Carol from My Heart's Desire. She says to share "10 things you have never done, but wished that you had."

~ While in Germany three separate summers in a row, I dreamed of Bicycling across Denmark...it never worked out! Did get to stick my feet in the cold, North Sea.
~ Never got to live overseas for a solid year, as was my dream (but not God's) at one point during my college years.
~ Invested well
~ gymnastics
~ played in a real soccer tournament. I used to enjoy playing soccer a lot!
~ Gone to a Boston Red Sox game when we lived in Boston
~ I should have gone to Louisa May Alcott's homes, Emerson's home, Thoreau's home, the rest of the
Fireside Poets in the Concord and Boston areas. We lived one town over from Concord and hung out at Walden Pond, though, on many a weekend afternoon. This was long before I was much of a reader of anything but non-fiction.
~ Never got to sail to the Greek Isles while in Greece, but did swim in the Mediterranean
~ Never been to Canada, but have flown over it!
~ I wish I had taken pictures of swimming with friends and my daughter in the Adriatic Sea and the Venetian Gulf

~ I thought of one more: I have not flown in a helicopter. It was just brought to mind this morning when I heard that one of my nephew's just got accepted to Helicopter Pilot Training school in our city! 50 applicants out of 900 made it. He was number 24 chosen. How cool is that?!?!


Carol G said...

Well, I've lived overseas for more than a year, but haven't done the other amazing things on your list! What a fun list, and I learned about what you have done too!

Buenos Noches!
Carolina (aka Carol G)

tootlepip said...

good for your nephew! That is great!