10 August, 2006

La última mano

The finishing touch...add a label and trim down the endpapers.

Nice and straight! Yay!


Mother Auma said...

That is pretty. I like the marble-ey papers. Are those the endpapers?

Javamom said...

Mother Auma,

Thank you, and I agree that the marbled paper is luscious...almost pretty enough to...well, not pretty enough to eat, but it is ART!

The short answer to your question (and you know I'm often not so good at short answers :-) is

I'll give you more details in an e-mail!


Carol G said...

Wow. Looks great! I bet that is very rewarding. It is a hobby/skill that I didn't know anything about until I started reading your blogs!


Javamom said...

Thank you, Carol!


Leslie said...

I love reading about your passion for all things booky. And I also think it is neat how your husband uses his talents to further your hobby. That is really neat!