23 December, 2006

Blog or browser troubles

Two or three of my visitors have let me know that they have trouble when visiting my blog. I'm wondering which browsers are the ones having trouble. One friend, who uses aol, used to have trouble, but her browser loads on my page just fine, now. I had messed with some of the html a month or two ago, and so I have removed those two small things. Maybe that will fix the problem. I really don't know much else about the template, but possibly swithcing to the new Blogger program will help alleviate any other possible troubles, as well.

Let me know if things seem to be working better on your own end, now! I'll also post a message to Blogger's help desk.

Our computer crashed about two weeks ago, and I noticed that made my photos here on the blog a little blurry. Thanks to my handy hubby and some upgrades in the hardware of my computer, we got that all worked out, now.

Thank you for stopping by and keeping up with us!



Monica - books are our friends said...

Hi, there.

I use Firefox and your Keepers net ring is jutting into your Java picture. There is a useful website that allows you to see your page in various browers.


and it's FREE :) hth.

Sherry said...

Works fine in Safari.

Firefly said...

I was going to say that in Firefox your blog ring code is in the upper right side column lying just over your profile pic, but Monica beat me to it. You have the code pasted in your sidebar. You need to cut and paste it somewhere after the < ! -- End # sidebar -- > tag. Then the script will truly be at the bottom of your page. Please don't get rid of it, though. We like having you in the ring! ;) Now, I must get back to wrapping presents! Merry Christmas!

Firefly said...

If you have trouble, come on over to my blog and e-mail me. There's an e-mail link on my blog somewhere in the "menu" section of my left sidebar.

Monica - books are our friends said...

that's much better. merry christmas