02 December, 2006

OU Wins!

Oklahoma Sooners 21, Nebraska 7

What a fantastic game for quarterback Paul Thompson and the OU defensive line--
Now it's on to the Fiesta Bowl! This is a nice reward for a hard-played, tough year for OU, including and most especially because of the Oregon game that the Refs took from OU. It will be good to see Adrienne Peterson back in the game again, although it seems that his injury may have enabled a lot of other young players to step up and play better. Maybe it was just good coaching. Who knows? I'm just a mom...who grew up in a household of OU fans, who married a Texan, who has three growing sons and at least ONE of them is an OU fan. I now have someone in my own home to watch the games with again! Yes!!

Sooner Javamom, who is a Genuine Okie from Muskogee

P.S. Go Cowboys...who beat the Giants 23-20 with one second left in the game!

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Dawn ; ) said...

You go girl ~ we're Cowboy fans too. Not sure if I like dem there sooners though. LOL
Just stopping by to say "hi." ;D