26 December, 2006

Happy 18th!

La Familia

Eighteen Candles

Gift cards and candles for presents

To our oldest son, who was four days early, way back all those years ago. He was supposed to be born in Boston, where we were living at that time. Alas, Hubster's mother was having serious health problems, so we made a last-minute decision to move to Texas...so he was born a Texan, instead of a cool, bohemian Bostonian. (He did keep the bohemian part, truth be told :-).

I bought lots of confetti poppers (I love confetti :-) and prepared the meal of his choice. J wanted homemade lasagna (with ground turkey) and Caesar salad. Dear daughter helped me mix up a yellow butter cake, complete with homemade chocolate butter-cream frosting for his birthday cake...and because we're never too old for sprinkles, there will be a lot of them all over the frosting. The drink of choice: tiny cups of espresso.

Happy Birthday!

Javamom of four, who always wanted to be a mom


Firefly said...

How comforting to see someone else out there serving up birthday cake a la Firefly! It looks like you even borrowed my pan. *giggle* Tell the truth... Sprinkles hide any crumbs showing up after frosting, don't they?

Happy 18th, J!

Javamom said...

Well, the cake was actually cooperative this time and did not tear under the frosting for once! I was so surprised!

As far as the pan, well, I was already using our one glass pan for the lasagna, 'cause I didn't want the tomato base leeching stuff from the metal pan into the food. I used to have two glass cake pans of the correct size, just for moments like these, but I think on of the kids broke our dark brown one several years ago. I thought twice about using the metal pan, at all, but we prefer homemade cakes to storebought ones, any day! The flavor is sooo much better!

I ran out of time to take the cake out of the pan, turn it upside down on a board, then frost it, which I have been known to do on ocassion!

Thanks for stopping by!