29 November, 2006

The last Sunflowers

The arctic blast is arriving in TX! I cut a bunch of the last crop of small sunflowers that have continued to thrive in our warm TX autumn almost to December! I snipped them by the roadside tonight, while on the way back from dropping off my three teens and their little brother at youth group. I wanted to bring some sunshine into the house, since the temps dropped 30 degrees (from 78-48 just in the 30 minutes that I was out)! Tigga-ma-jig is checking them out. These are my favorite yellow wildflowers.

Off to sip some warm coffee after eating nachos.



tootlepip said...

Your indoor sunshine is Beautiful!

So the arctic blast reached you too? It just left us - we went from floods to snow and below freezing back to rain. Washington has had the wettest month in its history this November. Hmmm! I am not sure what we are in for during the rest of the fall/winter.

Javamom said...

It did! However, the precip. did not hang around long. :-(

We enjoyed the chill for a day, and the excuse to make hot chocolate, mocha lattes and homemade soup!