06 November, 2006


This is the last song we sang for Mammaw's funeral

There's a Stirring
Words and music by Annie Herring
a capella

Altos begin:

There's a stirring deep within me, could it be my time has come?

Add tenor:
When I see my Gracious Savior face to face when all is done.

Soprano and bass join in:
Is that His voice I am hearing, come away my precious one.

Is He calling me? Is He cal----ling me?


I will rise up, rise up,
Then I'll bow down
and bow down
and lay my
lay my crown
at His
at His wou-ounded feet.

Repeat first verse

:Repeat Refrain:

Then Fine, all parts, softly

There's a stir-ring deep with-in me....

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