25 November, 2006

Thanksgiving Road Trip to OK

JK was reading, Ky crocheting, Drewski was content with his legos, and J was sleeping.

We had a lovely trip to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving holiday; lots of laughter, connecting, and fun. We stayed with one of my six nephews, and his wife and two sweet kiddos in their new home. They have a game room with a pool table, which was a big hit with my family...especially the Hubster! It was good to get to spend real time with them, which we've not gotten to do before. We got to meet some of my niece-in-law's family, meeting her sister, first. Her sis has an incredible teedy-bear of a dog, a Rottweiler named Diesel! He reminded me of the children's picture book character, Carl, by Alexandra Day. He really was a big sweetie.

On Thursday, we drove about 30 minutes away to visit my Mom and Dad for several hours, after the big, Thanksgiving meal. My parents were in need of some quiet time at home, so skipped out on the big meal this year, what with Mammaw passing on so recenlty and mom being quite ill with bronchitis. We had both sweet and funny conversation with them. I will treasure these memories.

We spent part of Friday with my oldest nephew and his family at their home, visiting over a lunch of Mazzio's pizza, watching Texas A & M beat the Longhorns. Then they took us to one of their local coffee shops, which was absolutely beautiful. It was almost a dollar pricier than Starbucks, but they had a small internet cafe and cherry-wood tables and chairs, old-world Venitian Plaster walls, and dark cherry-brown leather couches, as well as a double-sided fireplace. Being that it was 80 degrees in the Tulsa area, though, it was not lit.

Our daughter learned how to crochet a scarf, thanks to Aunt Brenda and cousin April. They were such a help to her, giving her visual instruction as well as some printed instructions from a scarf book. She is a hands-on learner, so having them there to work with her was priceless! It gave her a lot of confidence, and she is so excited about Christmas projects, now.

The little great nieces and nephews were a blast to watch and talk with. I will continue to update with more photos of our trip this weekend!

~ our dd Ky and great-niece T ~

~ Great Nephew J trying to fill Daddy's boots! ~

Drew, Buddy and Curious George admiring Grandma D's new music box that Papaw bought for her

The girlies fixing their hair


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Leslie said...

Wow, your family has really grown! Those are great pictures!

For some reason my AOL would shut down when I would visit here in the past...but it seems to have healed itself. Yay!