26 November, 2006

The Birds!

Remind anyone of Alfred Hitchcock's movie? These birds are flying into and out of our trees. Autumn in Texas is in full swing!


Firefly said...

Are they starlings? If they are, I pity you. We had a flock of starlings nest in our trees one year and it was horrible. They are mean-spirited birds who will kill each other, not to mention leave their calling cards all over your cars, sidewalks, house, trampoline, etc.

And to think they were imported from England. One English thing I could do without! :)

Javamom said...

They are grackles! They are so loud! Thankfully, there have been no major messes with these, since they ten to hang out most near store parking lots where they can snack on fast food garbage and other crumbs. At least that's my best guess!