16 November, 2006

Catching up

Homecoming was pretty fun, and I've been grading Spanish lessons and tests and preparing lesson plans and homework assignments like crazy. This year's Spanish curriculum is BJU Spanish I, and it is loaded, detailed, and keeps us all busy. It doesn't help that we have to try to cram 33 lessons into 25 or 26 weeks. That just goes against my philosophy of education! Ha! I'm doing everything that I can to make it work at its best for the majority of my (formerly 12--two moved-- currently 10) students.

This is the last Friday to meet at our co-op this year. I've worked 16 hours for this class so far this week, since I need to have all things caught up, corrections and everything graded and grades/labs, etc. averaged for grade cards this Friday.

My class and I will have a study fiesta in December to help them get through their coursework between semesters.

I am looking forward to our Thanksgiving Week break!! We will be visiting one of my nephews and his sweet little kids, then making the 1/2 hour-drive to spend some time with my parents. Then it's back home, since oldest son has to work.

Sending out prayers for safe travels and blessed Thanksgiving holidays for all my friends!


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