14 December, 2007

Advent & Christmas productions

Behind the scenes...

Our choral director, who is a band director at his real job!

Praise team and choir. We will have risers on Sunday. I'm taking the photos, but I'll be standing where the gap/mic is on the left (between tenor and soprano), just under the screen. We're told the screen will have a lovely scene behind the words on Sunday, not just bright blue!

This sunday's praise team, and my mic. Here, we are fine-tuning and marking music.

The uber-cool band - Hubby was in the band with the children's choir last week, so he has a break this time.

Our drummer...kept in the cage :-). I like our reflection off of the Plexiglas. Do you see my camera on the left? These were all taken without flash. It just makes richer photos. Of course a tripod would help me out, but it was too cumbersome for these candids and a full stage.

I know quite a few of you have programs going on in your churches. If you have photos, stories and links, please share them!



Donna-Jean said...

Javamom, I absolutely loved this post! I believe some of the most anointed times are when God's people get together, with servant hearts, and 'rehearse' for a special event. He meets us there, earlier than we expect! :-) (of course, they're often some of the most worrisome, tense, hectic times, too :-)

Your pictures captured it.

I don't have pictures up yet of our Christmas Celebration this past Friday night (and we have an Art Gallery and a showing of "The Nativity Story" this week, plus a special church-family dinner on Sunday -

BUT - I did write about something rather unusual that happened this past Friday. I think you'll enjoy it :-)


Merry Christmas!

Robin in Jersey said...

Stupid question, but I've always wondered: why is the drummer behind plexiglass?

Javamom said...


It is done to contain and control the volume (aka noise) level of the drums.