18 December, 2007

I guess I do have a wish list :-)

I don't give out a wish list to friends or loved ones for myself. I share lists of needs my kids have, and one or two "wishes" b/c we just don't really do the Commercialized Christmas thing. My extended family is too huge, now...we all just get together for a family reunion, and that is a blessing in and of itself. The family has grown so that my Mom and Dad have 21 grandkids and 15 great grandkids, now.

I won't list the kids' gifts for obvious reasons. They are practical, but they are very much wanted, and that's all I can say right now!

I've purchased the complete four seasons of Jeeves and Wooster for Dread Pirate Sparsebeard for Christmas. This is something that he can use for SAT prep vocab words...I am not kidding! I also have a guitar book on order titled, "A Scottish Christmas for Guitar" by Al Petteway.

But if I am to be totally honest, I will tell you that I actually do have a previously unwritten wish list of my own. Officially, now, here is what is on said list:

Laminate flooring to complete the hallway and the boys' room. A shower that doesn't leak into the wall (caulking that would actually work, too).

Foreign films for our small home movie collection:

Il Postino
The Girl From Paris


Amazing Grace

We are already blessed beyond measure.

I really have enough clothes. I do need a new belt. I downsized our family's plethora of outgrown and good condition clothes these past couple of weeks.

I have three pairs of shoes that don't hurt my feet and plenty of pretty ones that do. I don't need more. One of my favorite set of dressy, black linen style pumps needs a new heel.

See, this year...

We fellowshipped with and visited lots of our very good, close friends.

Our grown and almost grown kids are healthy.

We got our van back after an uninsured motorist hit us. It is repaired and whole once again, and we were only hurt minimally. No broken bones.

Hubby and I got to sit in on poetry readings and got to meet our favorite living poet (Billy Collins) and we bought a book for him to sign for us, he gave hubster a funny and hard time re: teaching high school students. Collins teaches college level.

We got to see and meet some favorite musicians (Flutist James Galway, pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet (recognized from the music of the most recent Pride and Prejudice) and a famous principal Bassoonist this year.

I have plenty of books. I have downsized our inventory of those recently.

I have plenty of purses. Too many.

My greatest wish is that all would find Peace, Love and Grace in Christ, and let Him be Saviour and Lord of their lives for He is the only true peace. Then in turn, that all would live peacefully with others, not expecting more of others than they do of themselves.

Perhaps then we can truly be the love and peace of Christ to others.


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Donna-Jean said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Javamom! And God's richest blessings in the New Year.