28 December, 2007

Birthday and Christmas instruments

We celebrated the Nineteenth birthday of our eldest son on the day after Christmas. We completely surprised him with a banjo for Christmas, his first hint being banjo strings in a carefully wrapped Christmas package.

For J's birthday, the Hubster has been working long hours in the elf shop cutting and sanding, carving and gluing up this walnut mandolin. This is the sixth mandolin Hubby has made over the years. This one is made primarily of walnut, with a spruce top.

J was completely and utterly speechless. It was great, as he is never speechless!

Teaching the eldest how to restring his banjo, before he leaves for college.

We also played a fun game at our birthday dinner..."Aim for Omaha."
The theme of ds's party was "Cars" for various reasons.

Treasuring up many things before he is gone... Javamom

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