05 July, 2010

Best laid plans

We always hold our plans loosely so that we are not thrown off or so disappointed when things 'happen' to thwart those plans. We've had the excitement of a burned-out car, hubby wrecking his knee and going in for surgery, and yesterday, our only daughter was hit by a car (while commuting by bicycle) on her way to work. She lives out of state, so she called me up today [which is actually July 13] and gave me the skinny. I might post her pictures later, but I don't want to put her on the spot. She has her own life now, with her sweet Hubby. We never stop being a parent, though.

So to say we've had an exciting summer of surprises would be an understatement.

On Father's Day, our 17 yo son experienced his father's car catching on fire while he (ds) was driving it home from church. We are so very fortunate to continue to acknowledge how blessed we all are that he was not hurt in the incident. All he lost was his ipod and hubby's music cd's. Everything melted and burned away, including the seats! The only inaminate objects that survived were some tools and our really awesome camping/sleeping bags that were in the trunk. The fire department made it just in time to put out the flames before they hit the completely-full gas tank. Kudos to them.

He was pretty close to home, and some of our friends could see the dark smoke filling the sky.

The next day, which was also my 46th birthday, Hubby found a good, used car to replace it, and it is economical and cute. It was a very good deal for our budget, and a good commuter car for hubby. It will be weird having a car payment again, though, since both of our cars have been paid off for a long time.

Right around that same time, Hubby messed up his knee overdoing it on some major yardwork for his Dad. He got in to see a surgeon, had and MRI and consult, then surgery. He is reuperating slowly, but progressively. He does much better when he stays off his leg and keep it propped up high. He is getting better each day, though he relapsed yesterday from too much work with me on our bathroom repairs.

The surgery stopped our front bathroom tile replacement (from termite and water damage) cold in its tracks, though we are almost done! Just need to touch up some grout spots, seal the grout, and call it finished and good.
This also threw off my planning, bookbinding, and writing schedules, and removed the possibility of speaking to a group of Moms and Dads that are new to homeschooling. It is just not the season for hardly any of those speaking events these past few years. I am okay with that, as long as I still have some opportunities to be with my friends, share and glean ideas together from time to time.

I decided to cancel participating in a solar car race as a judge this year. I've so much to catch up on here at home, so I'm not too disappointed. It will be a good father-son trip without me there to change the dynamic. I will get to have my own mother-son bonding with the big, strong, 17 yo son still at home. Maybe we'll have all his friends over and have a party and some football in the backyard.

But for now, it's back to work on:

~ getting the laundry room organized

~ Getting Spanish lesson plans re-organized (they are already written) for fall classes. Toss old materials that can't re use. Continue to esearch products, update wish lists. Organize resources for first lessons.

~ Weekly sauna treatments, while I organize little bits of the attic at a time. Hey, it is healthy, and FREE.

~ Work in bookbinding studio (restoration of old books and bookbinding is my part-time work).

~ read and research any new needed techniques or products in bookbinding and Spanish, or even things for Charlotte Mason Bookclub~ work a little bit on Fall syllabi in multiple classes

~Weed that garden!

:::sigh::: Pretty boring, right? I am very content, though. And blessed.

There are always going to be things to do, and rest assured that I am good at working in my own fun and free reading time. I just need to keep re-focusing my *work* efforts every day.

I think I am looking forward to a mini-vacation with my Sweet Hubster to New Mexico soon.

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Javamom said...

"Pretty boring, right?"

p.s. I'll take that boring, after the dramatic spring/summer we've had.