19 July, 2010

Orphaned Utensils as Decor

(photo by L. Allen)

I love old kitchen and garden tools. Especially red or green-handled tools. That appreciation for use of old things led me to this neat article in the online version of Real Simple Magazine.
This is a wonderful idea. What a neat way to use up odd-end forks and spoons left over from who-knows-what. I just may translate this idea to the front bathroom, which Hubby and I have been working on this summer. (well, it really began back in March ;-).

Here's another lovely idea that partially reminds me of some homes in Mexico ~

(photo also by L. Allen)

That washed-blue wall is amazing. Almost makes me want to switch from a warm color pallette that we have in most of the rooms in our home. It does give me ideas for the laundry room, and perhaps our back bathroom. I have glaze leftover from another project from last year. I'll keep you posted on how the ideas develop in the future!

Happy Decorating, friends!


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