24 July, 2010

Cooking and Garden feasts

Our daughter texted me from a grocery store up in Omaha recently for ingredients to some of our favorite family meals, some of which make use of our summer garden produce. I decided to take some photos for her, and share them on the blog, in no particular order :-). We hardly used specific recipes anymore, we just slice, shred, and mix to our tastebuds' delight!

One of my favorite summer snacks ~ marinating cucumbers in a little balsamic vinegar-water with a bit of onion.

My mom always made these every summer. Adding balsamic vinegar instead of white vinegar is my own twist to this summer munchie.

New Mexico sandia with red chile enchiladas on corn tortillas. This heat-filled beauty is Hubby's

And this one is mine. It's a little milder with its Hatch, N.M. green chile enchilada sauce, black beans and cheddar in stacked corn tortillas. I wish it had white cheddar on it, instead, but this is what we had in the kitchen.

garden-fresh tomatoes. We have not had as many this year. I think too much heat, then too much rain threw off the blossom-setting cycle.

a menagerie of garden veggies picked this month

Green chile and black bean enchiladas with garden veggies stuffed inside, topped with cilantro

snow peas from early July

These were made into a healthy squash casserole, which I did not get a picture of before eating it all up.

And these ripened and picked different days this week. I think I'll make a smoothie out of some of these this weekend.

Friday's lunch ~ Sauteed fresh corn, onions, and garlic with black beans, folded into whole-grain quesadillas with fresh cilantro, then served with sliced avocado and salsa.

Weekend brunch menu, recipe found here. This was recommended by two different friends, and I just happened to have everything needed for it, fresh from the cottage garden. I *wish* we had our own free-range chickens and eggs.

Now, I don't have photos of one of the main dishes that our daughter asked for, and that is chicken-broccoli-rice casserole. I will have to work on that and post it another time.

What have you been cooking up this summer?

Eat well,

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