25 July, 2010

Homeschool Team for Solar Car Race?

Somebody really should look into sponsoring a homeschool solar car race team. My hubster, the Dread-Pirate Sparsebeard, has been involved (with the school where he teaches) in this race as a judge and helper for years, now. But he is not a Science teacher, he is an Enlish Major, kwim? A couple of our boys have been able to volunteer and work with the photography and videography team as well. What a great experience it was for them. Now I ask, can any of my homeschool friends think of candidates to support (financially) and begin such an endeavor for our kids in the future? It is for guys and gals alike. One of this year's teams was an all-girl team. It is not cheap, but with good sponsors...what better way to get some hands-on science and engineering experience?

For more information, check out Winston School Solar program for ideas and photos. Doc has done a great job directing this big shindig for these past 15 years, and I think it is time homeschoolers tried to join in the challenge. Here's a helpful blurb from their web site:

"The only international high school solar education program and race in the world. Program includes workshops, curriculum materials, and on-site visits leading to an annual race."

Students build these cars all by themselves. A teacher or leader helps to guide, but all the real building must happend by students alone. This is not your child's pinewood derby car race (thank God!) where many parents do the work for the kids and do all the little tweaking they often do to help their sons or daughters beat everyone else. Yeah, kinda disappointed me more than a little when our kiddos were younger. But, I am not bitter ;-). That is a post for another day on letting our children succeed or fail on their OWN merits. Such a valuable lesson.

I'll just step off my little soapbox now, before I fall off ;-), and share a couple of photos ~

Photo by our own AJ

Photo by Roddy Parkinson (not all the cars are this snazzy)


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Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Kim!!! {{{{hugs}}}
Solar car comps are such fun - Mark had a hand in one back in 2007.
MMMM, that Starbucks coffee looks good - how I wish we could sit and chat over one. Miss you heaps, and all my wonderful Lily sisters.
Lots of love