22 May, 2007

Final countdown to graduation

Part of last week was spent taxi-ing our oldest teens to and from work, since we are down one less car.

Most of the week was spent scanning photos, photoshopping, and preparing a power point slide show for my son's co-op home school graduation. Dread-Pirate Sparsebeard and I had to prepare a 1 minute and 15 seconds (each) voiceover of memories and blessing to be timed just right for the number and timing of slides. This had to be recorded at a different location, then added later to our slide show. It was difficult to choose which photos would not make the final cut! After burning all of the above to a disk, it had to be delivered yet again to another family two towns over for final compilation with the other seniors' slide shows.

Other spare moments last week were spent in final prep for the Seniors' Campout weekend, which I spearheaded, since hubby is busy with his own school wrap-up business. Many details covered, there...and some physical labor :-).

So this week is spent prepping for J's senior table. We've got to collect and display things that represent our son and his journey. Framed photos from his portfolio of work, favorite books, hammock, favorite snack and drink props, power point of more photos running on a loop on laptop...

The biggest job for me is the compilation of blessing and memories letters sent in to me over the last month by family and friends, to be crafted into a hand bound book. I guarded all the letters together yesterday in an all-day process, then put them in the bookpress overnight. This is what the book looks like at this moment:

I'm about to mark it up for sewing, then will press it again while I cut the boards for the covers, then add the bookcloth. On for one final pressing, hopefully by Wednesday night.



Birdie said...

Wow! That's a LOT of work and some mighty big accomplishments on your part. Pat yourself on the back!

Javamom said...

Thank you, Birdie!

We're almost there :-)


Carol G said...

Hi JavaMom. How are you? What a lovely camp out that must have been.

I tagged you if you feel like blogging about what you are reading these days.


tootlepip said...

This is such a milestone! The book is a great idea, I may have to tuck that away for future use. Our oldest is graduating from CC this June with her Landscape Design Certificate and our next in line has two years before his highschool graduation. Time sure flies!