10 May, 2007

Graduation Presents

Pictured here is one of several graduation presents that I'm making. I will custom cut sketch book paper for the inside text block so that it can be used for sketching, journaling, as a guest or signature book, whatever is preferred. I'm pleased with how this one is turning out. The dimensions are 8" x 8".

p.s. Now that the party is over and the present is delivered, it was for Fa's graduation. The endpapers are words from a dictionary...and there are some funny ones, but some "splendid" ones, as well!



Birdie said...

Those are really lovely.

Javamom said...

Thanks, Birdie. I forgot to take a photo of the finished product, to show the exposed coptic stitching. We were in such a hurry to get to a graduation party, that it just slipped my mind.