30 May, 2007

A Post-surgical Pirate :-)

The Dread-Pirate Sparsebeard slept (under anesthesia :-) through our big morning storms today. We lost some tree branches and almost lost the trash cans, but our 14 yo son found them down the street. If that's the worst of it, then we can live with that!

DP's knee surgery took about three hours. The doctor found one large tear of the meniscus (cartilage) and also was concerned about a cyst on the side of the knee. He said these cysts generally resolve themselves after surgical repairs are made to the knee, so he'll talk to us more about it at the post-op appointment on Friday.

Sparsebeard really wanted to eat some pizza as we were leaving the medical clinic, but I reminded him that the nurse said he could have small, plain meals today, then fun foods tomorrow. But I ask, do pirates eat pizza??

Physical Therapy begins tomorrow, but the doctor said it wouldn't last long. They sent him home with a cooler full of ice attached to a knee wrap that continually circulates ice water all over the knee area, front, sides and back. It's pretty cool! It's even better that insurance pays for 80% of it, and he'll only need this for about three days. He is able to put pressure on his knee, and won't need to use crutches! He can drive in 24 hours.
That's a good thing, because we both will be teaching summer school, starting on Monday! (DP Sparsebeard: English; me: Spanish).

Just wanted to give you all the news from the surgery. Sparsebeard is sleeping quietly and probably won't remember much of a thing from this morning, thanks to the dose of meds he was given after his surgery. LOL.

I'll update if anything changes. Thanks, all, for your thoughts and kind wishes!!



coffeemamma said...

Wonderful news! Teaching on Monday, after all that?? What a man!

Birdie said...

I'm glad to read that all has gone well! We'll be keeping your husband in our prayers here.

Leslie said...

Wow, hope dh is feeling better soon. My mom had that kind of cooling contraption on her shoulder. Pretty nifty stuff.

Congrats to your first graduate, too! It has been neat to read about all the goings on in your family.

Robin said...

How's the hubster doing today?